data-2-web designs Web-Based Software Solutions that fully integrate with your existing ERP Manufacturing System - affordable Software Solutions that enable Manufacturers to compete in an ROI driven environment.

We offer Customized Subsystems that deliver:

  • Flexibility to allow for Changing Demand
  • Scalability to decrease Cost of Growth
  • Advanced Scheduling to reduce Time-to-Market .

They support and track the movement of materials, work orders, sales orders, including finished goods labeling, barcode labeling and employee performance.

We design and develop ERP Solutions that control processes from
Forecasting Demand to:

Purchasing Raw Materials
Inventory Control
Fulfillment and Distribution
Quality Assurance and Certification Systems.

Our comprehensive solutions are designed to optimize the use of Resources and more effectively control Job Costing and Labor Overruns to help your company - produce more in less time.